Monroe Alumni The history of the Monroe School building – home of the Children’s Museum of Phoenix – is rich and relevant to children.  Opening in 1913 as the largest elementary school west of the Mississippi, this school was home to thousands of children. The school closed its doors in 1972 due to declining student enrollment.

We’ve been fortunate, prior to opening and in the years since, in welcoming back some of the students that attended here as a child.  We have collected some of their stories and photos into a self-published book entitled Monroe School Stories: Honoring the Past Through the Present Black and white class photos of children who attended Monroe School have been turned into banners that hang in our historic front entrance which houses our cafe.  We also pay homage to one of our more famous alumni, Jackson Pollock, with a short biography and photo of the artist as a child as well as two canvas paintings inspired by his unique form of abstract expressionism which you will also find in our historic front entrance.

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix still seeks alumni to share their memories and photos of their time and experiences here when it was known as the Monroe School. We are looking for items such as photos, memories, or newspaper clippings that honor alumni’s childhood, history and culture. Alumni can contact the museum:

  1. By Phone: Call the Museum office @ 602.253.0501, and press 8.
  2. Or Email:
  3. Or Mail: Send a letter or postcard to P.O. Box 2439, Phoenix, AZ 85002
    (Please include mailing address and telephone number.)