September 20th through October 20th - 2019
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

A crazy, creative and fun new experience at the Museum! Build, decorate, tinker and explore with boxes upon boxes of boxes!

Cardboard boxes of all sizes will take over our Atrium space. Trinkets and tools will be available to connect boxes, create openings, and more as the children explore this three-dimensional, child-centered exhibit.

The educational benefits of play with boxes are numerous! Children build spatial awareness skills as they explore the placement of boxes and their location in and around them. Little ones feel empowered as they are able to move, manipulate, and investigate these large-scale, yet pretty lightweight boxes. Imaginative play abounds in interactions with cardboard boxes! Perhaps a child imagines the box as a rocket ship, a bear cave, or a castle. One of the greatest benefits, however, is showcasing that sometimes a simple cardboard box is all that a child needs for playtime!

Fun facts: Did you know the cardboard box is in the National Toy Hall of Fame (alongside other classic toys like the yo-yo, Mr. Potato Head, alphabet blocks and more)? It was inducted in 2005 as a classic toy over the years.

BOX Mania is FREE with paid Museum admission. Registration not required.

This exhibit contains small pieces and sharp tools. Please play safely!