NEW PopX Experience!
Make-A-Mega-Mess with PAINT
October 6th-November 18th
(the Museum is CLOSED Oct. 22-29 for spruce up)

Let loose and get as messy as you’d like here at the Museum because we’ll take care of the cleanup. Just pack an extra set of clothes for you and your little ones so you can make a quick change and hop back into the Museum for even more adventurous exhibit exploration! Tickets to Make-A-Mega-Mess are $2 per child participant. Adults accompanying their children may access the area at no extra charge. All guests must purchase general admission tickets to enter. Mega Mess tickets are available daily, but there is limited space available, so choose your ideal date and entry time, and lock in your spot today!

Daily Entry Times
9:30am-10:30am Toddler Time (for ages 3 and younger only)

PLEASE NOTE: Parents and children participating in Make-A-Mega-Mess PAINT will be COVERED IN PAINT! Please dress for the mess and bring an extra set of clothes for both you and your children. Click here for a full list of helpful hints!