fun museum for kids

It’s unfortunate that in today’s society some civic spaces, like museums and libraries, are stereotyped as “boring” or “out of touch” with the digital age. If you’ve stepped foot inside a museum lately, you’d know that they’re quite interactive and have many digital components that rival any video game or movie theater. They even cater to children with an emphasis on interactive activities, truly making many of these spaces a fun museum for kids to go to with their loved ones.

In fact, museums receive approximately 55 million visits each year from students in school groups. This doesn’t even count the children and other young people that come with their family and friends for a good, educational time. They can wander the hallways for new facts and figures, gaze upon interactive videos, or simply laugh together in wonderfully curated halls. One thing’s for sure: people love museums because they love learning!

In this brief informative article, we’ll talk about why museums are so important to visit, especially for children. They’re not only a place to learn, but also to have fun and socialize with other people that love learning. Specifically, we’ll focus on the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, which is an especially fun museum for kids!

Why Museums Are Better Than Theme Parks

Many people struggle to find things to do with kids in a fun, safe environment that is also entertaining. There are many things that adults like to do where children are not welcome and seeking out a “fun museum for kids” may seem like a paradox. Thankfully in our modern age, it’s not. Museums have become wonderfully diverse and engaging places that rival theme parks in many ways (some even have rides. However, don’t expect to board a roller coaster at one any time soon.

While theme parks offer thrills, chills, and tantalizing food, they have little in the form of education or learning. Unlike kids museums, you and your child will rarely leave a theme park smarter or better educated. In fact, the only thing lighter will probably be your wallet or stomach (depending on how intense those rides are)! Museums offer much of the same stimulation that theme parks do but in a healthier and more comprehensive way.

Things to Do at The Children’s Museum of Phoenix

If you’re looking for things to do in Phoenix with kids, you of course have the standard options: outside parks, the mall, restaurants, and all the fare that traveling families are used to. But if your children are interested in learning and growing as people, you should heavily consider taking them to a fun museum for kids, The Children’s Museum of Phoenix. Not only is this museum fun and interactive, but it has a whole host of different options no matter your child’s age.

Some of the museum’s exhibits include Adventure Play, a 100% outdoor and 100% fun experience encompassing the entire front yard along 7th Street. This allows children to do what they do best: play together outside. Adventure Play is socially distanced and monitored for any health concerns that you might have. There are a wide variety of things to do, including a mud kitchen, children’s garden, nature nook, and much more!

If you have a younger child, such as a baby, toddler, or preschooler, there are even exhibits made just for them. On the third floor of the museum is a sunlit play space for those three and younger. There are also designated “baby zones” in each of the exhibits of the museum that allow for the youngest among us to have a safe space to play.

Before You Visit, You Can Still Look Around

Your travel plans might be on hold right now, but rest assured that the Children’s Museum of Phoenix will still be here when you’re ready to visit. The museum is open now, but if you’d like a taste of what to expect you can also look on our website to see some of our online educational materials where you can learn a multitude of things and complete projects on your own time. From making candy sushi to learning mindful breathing, there truly is something for everyone at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix.