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What is the price of admission?

Admission is $14.95 per person. Children under the age of 1 are free. Members are also free. Seniors 62 and over are $13.95.
Why do adults need to pay admission?

The mission of the Children’s Museum of Phoenix is to engage the minds, muscles and imaginations of children and the grown ups who care about them. Our exhibit spaces and play experiences are designed for both you and your child to play, learn, and enjoy together.
Does the Museum offer any discounts?

We offer senior, military, police and firemen discounts. We also offer a discounted admission price for groups with more than 15 children in them.
Does the Museum participate in any reciprocal membership programs?

Not at this time but we continuously review our options.
Can adults come into the Museum without a child?

For the safety of our guests, we do not allow adults without children, or children without adults into the Museum to play. Unaccompanied adults may tour the Museum accompanied by an available staff member. The Museum will request your drivers’ license while you tour the Museum. The license will be returned to you upon completion of your tour.
Is the Museum handicap accessible?

Service animals are welcome in the Museum. Wheelchairs and ASL translators are available with advance notice upon request. AzTAP Department of Services for Persons with Disabilities conducted an accessibility evaluation in August 2008 and summarized, “the Children’s Museum of Phoenix is the most exceptionally disability-aware arts institution this evaluator has ever surveyed.” See more about Safety & Accessiblity at the Museum.
What is a Playologist?

Playologists are Museum floor staff who are trained to assist our visitors in having the best time possible and more importantly, to facilitate play! You will find them stationed throughout the Museum in the Museum’s signature uniform of turquoise polo shirt (purple sweatshirt) and khaki pants.
When is the best time to visit the Children’s Museum?

The answer to this question depends more on you and your child than on the Museum. Ask yourself the questions “what kind of experience am I looking for, and what kind of experience will best suit my child?”

As with all museums, or just about any place that welcomes visitors, there is no “best” time to visit… it is different for each and every visitor – adults and children alike! Some children are home all day with their caregiver, and really want to be surrounded by other children… they crave the interaction that the Children’s Museum provides. Other kids might be slower to warm up and try new things with “big” kids around… or they might surprise their caregiver by speaking up when someone takes the car that they have been patiently waiting for! Many children’s faces light up when they make a new friend (or two or three) while negotiating a turn on a trike, while a few kids that never have to take turns at home learn that sharing a shopping cart with a toddler might just be fun!

Caregivers enjoy different kinds of visits, too. Some like to visit when the place is teeming with smiling faces, others like a more low-key experience. Some parents really like to come in the morning when there might be a field trip visiting so their children can interact with kids of different ages, sizes, and backgrounds… others are willing to let their kids nap in the car during the ride here just to enjoy a quiet afternoon when you can sometimes have Noodle Forest to yourself!

What’s it like on weekdays vs. weekends, mornings vs. afternoons?

As a general rule (we offer no guarantees!) weekday mornings in the spring are bustling with lots of kids, and the afternoons are generally quieter. If you like being here when there might be some school groups, the mornings are for you. Check out Museum web calendar where you will find how many school kids we are expecting each day. You can also always call ahead to our main number 602.253.0501 and press “zero” and ask about field trips scheduled for the day.

Saturdays are typically steady all day; Sundays are quieter. Our occasional free days (and Target Free First Friday Nights) are pretty much always really busy with waiting lines to enter, and an absolute BLAST!

Might we suggest you try out a few different days and times, and see what suits you best – we look forward to your visit!

Where can we eat?

SpoonZ Express is located on the 2nd floor and they serve a variety of healthy, fresh snacks and meals including pizzas, salads, sandwiches, wraps . You may bring you own lunch and eat it in the designated eating spaces on the 2nd floor and outside in the courtyard. Museum admission is required to dine inside and in our café. There are also restaurants within walking distance of the Museum if you wish to eat off-site. You can re-enter the Museum by showing your hand stamp at the admissions desk.
Can I bring food into the Museum?

Yes you can! However, all food needs to be consumed in the designated eating areas: i.e. in the cafe, the 2nd floor multi-purpose room and outside spaces.  Hot beverages (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) with a secure lid are permitted in the Museum. All cold beverages must be in a plastic container with a secure, screw-top lid. No alcoholic beverages are permitted at any time. ONLY SACK LUNCHES are allowed in the Museum. Outside delivery or catering is strictly prohibited.

Please note that unauthorized parties are not allowed in the Museum or on Museum grounds at any time. If you would like to have a party at the Museum, please visit our Book A Party/Event page or email

Why aren’t there any signs in the exhibit areas?

Because children inherently know how to play. Our exhibits and play experiences are designed to be open-ended, encouraging imaginative, creative play for you and your child to enjoy together.
Is there something to do for children who don't know how to walk yet?

Yes! Our Place for Threes & Younger is specifically designed for the height, weight and developmental stages of our very youngest visitors. And, because this room is restricted to this specific age group, you will not have to worry about older children playing more energetically than your little one is used to. The room does include a Big Kid Zone for older siblings so the grown ups can play with the younger ones while the older children read and play with manipulatives in a nearby space. We also have a no-shoes policy in this room so that we can be sure that our little “crawlers” have a clean space to explore.

Baby Zones are also located throughout our exhibit spaces and are clearly marked.

Also, check our Museum Calendar for our baby/toddler focused programs like Toddler and Parent Yoga and Brain Time for Babies & Toddlers.

What do I do if I lost something at the Museum?

You can contact our admissions desk at 602.253.0501, and press zero to speak to one of our friendly and helpful Visitor Services Associates. The Museum is not responsible for lost items.
How long does it take to go through the Museum?

Children approach our exhibits in many different ways. Some wish to stay at their favorite exhibit for hours on end, while others want to see and do everything at once. Our average visitor spends approximately 2-4 hours in the Museum.
Can I leave the Museum and come back the same day?

Yes! All paid visitors receive a hand stamp and if you wish to leave the Museum for a time, you may re-enter by showing your hand stamp.
How can I find out what is going on at the Museum today?

Visit the Museum Calendar for a complete list of the day’s programs and special events.
Where can I nurse my baby?

You may nurse your baby anywhere in the Museum. There is an abundance of seating throughout the exhibit spaces. If you prefer a more private environment, there is a Nursing Snug in the 3rd floor Book Loft area. In addition, there are family restrooms on the 3rd floor near the Place for Threes & Younger space and on the 1st floor near the restrooms. Bottle warmers are available in the 2nd floor Multi-Purpose Room.
Are there restrooms with changing tables?

Yes! All of our restrooms, including the boy’s restroom, have changing tables in them. Our sinks and toilets are also designed with the different heights of their users in mind.
Can I bring my stroller into the Museum?

Strollers are allowed in the Museum but we encourage you to leave your stroller in the car if you can. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is a place to GET OUT AND PLAY! If you need to bring in a stroller, we have stroller parking areas on all three floors of the Museum. You may also keep them with you while you are in the Museum, but we ask that you take care in keeping them away from high traffic areas like exhibit entries/exits as well as emergency exits.
Do you have a place for my purse, wallet or other personal belongings?

Yes. Lockers are available for your use on the first floor, past the admissions area. Locker rentals are 50 cents.
Why can’t I take anything on the Climber?

We respectfully require all visitors entering the Climber to either use a locker for their personal belongings, or use the bins located at the bottom of the Climber for this purpose. The reason for this is strictly for the safety of the children and the adults in the Climber.
How often do you clean the Museum?

Our standards and processes for cleaning the Museum reflect the importance we put on the health and safety of our visitors.
These standards include:

  • Museum Playologists clean and wipe down exhibit areas throughout the day as well as at the close of each day, using disinfectant wipes and spray.
  • The Museum custodial team cleans common areas on an ongoing basis throughout the day, and does a complete Museum cleaning after business hours daily.
  • All cloth items are machine washed on a regular basis using a high temperature sanitizing cycle.
  • Containers for soiled exhibit pieces are located throughout the Museum.
  • The Museum conducts a deep cleaning of all loose parts of exhibits (food in the market, scarves and fabric balls in Whoosh, balls in the Grand Ballroom) each Monday when the Museum is closed to general visitors.
  • There is an annual week-long Spruce-Up period every October when we close the Museum for deep cleaning, exhibit repairs and Museum renovations. At this time we clean the entire Museum from top to bottom including washing the walls, cleaning exhibit spaces, exhibit pieces, floors, carpets, etc.

What is your solicitation policy?

Out of respect for our visitors, and to provide a distraction-free environment for them, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix does not allow solicitation or petitioning in the Museum or anywhere on Museum property regardless of the cause or issue being represented. Any information distributed or offered on the premises is done so at the sole discretion of the Museum.
Do you have an anti-smoking, anti-weapons policy at the Museum?

There are no weapons of any kind allowed in the Museum.

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is a tobacco-free environment. Cigars, pipes, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or any tobacco related product is strictly prohibited in the Museum and on Museum grounds. Thank you for keeping our children healthy.

Since you allow food in the Museum, can I bring some food and gifts into the Museum for a party for my child and a few of his/her friends?

The Museum is a fantastic place to have a party! However, please note that unauthorized parties are not allowed at any time in the Museum or on Museum grounds. If you would like to reserve a party room, please visit our Book A Party/Event page or email
I have a product that I think would be great in your store. Who should I contact?

You can contact the museum store directly by calling 602.648.2772. or emailing