Phoenix is one of the most exciting cities in the United States. It’s known for being a metropolis, with a nightlife for adults and a bustling downtown with plenty of attractions for families as well. As an Arizonan city, of course, it can be incredibly hot during the summer. But this doesn’t stop people from being able to have fun. Some more outdoor-focused activities simply need to be accompanied by generous amounts of sunscreen and drinking water.

During the height of the summer temperatures, of course, it can be a bit risky to spend too much outside. Therefore, it’s important for parents, in particular, to consider spending some time inside as well. Fortunately, there are plenty of places in Phoenix that are indoors and specifically designed to offer shelter from the sometimes-severe weather outside.

Different children obviously have different needs, as well as different interests. Some of the most popular things to do with kids may not be right for every child. That’s why we’re giving a few different things to do in Phoenix with kids. The more you have to choose from, the happier your children will be as they live out the summer months.

1. Visit Children’s Museums

There are so many different advantages to visiting children’s’ museums in Phoenix. There are a lot of different options for kids in Phoenix when it comes to museums that are both an educational, often with an interactive twist. One major reason why children in Phoenix love museums is that it offers them some respite from the heat, and many of the museums are specifically designed to be interactive. Typically, a museum will devote about three-quarters of its education budget to k through 12 students.

Considering the fact that each year museums spend over $2 billion on educational activities, this is not a small sum. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is obviously the most popular option, and is known for being highly interactive, allowing kids to touch and engage with exhibits. It’s definitely one of the best places for kids in Phoenix by far, with its three floors of offerings including art studios, a noodle forest, and spaces in which kids can learn about music, yoga, and science.

2. Pangaea

Some of the best places for kids in Phoenix are a bit off the beaten path, different from a traditional museum or science exhibit. Pangaea offers an opportunity for children to learn about dinosaurs indoors, on an interactive level. There are 10 interactive stations with Pangaea, but perhaps more importantly there are 50 animatronic dinosaurs. Kids are amazed and dazzled by it, and they can enjoy them even more on a Dino-Kart ride. Fossil digs and excavations are also options, and children ages two years old and younger visit for free.

3. Childsplay

Of course, some parents are going to look for activities that can engage kids not only on an educational level, but on a creative level as well. In this case, one of the must-see places for kids in Phoenix is Childsplay. Technically in Tempe, which of course is easily accessible from Phoenix, Childsplay is an amazing children’s theatre that families can visit together. Furthermore, children can potentially audition for future shows if they have a particular interest in acting!

4. The Desert Botanical Garden

Being in Phoenix doesn’t mean that parents have to keep their children from going outside at all. The Desert Botanical Garden is a fantastic option among places for kids in Phoenix outdoors, as it is carefully located and landscaped with desert plants that provide shade. Home to over 50,000 plants, it offers five different trails. Children can learn about different plant life in Arizona, explore outside, and of course pose for beautiful photos for their parents!

Clearly, there are a lot of different places for kids in Phoenix, both indoors and outdoors. There are opportunities for education and for playing, and plenty of different options that merge the two together. With that being said, whether you live in Phoenix or are trying to visit the area, it’s time to start planning the rest of your summer activities with your kids!