Foster kids often have low self-esteem. Many undergo experiences where personal value is not solidified, leaving them with a diminished sense of worth. This is especially true for foster kids who have suffered from abuse and neglect.

One way to help them recover their self-esteem and live healthy lives is to provide them with opportunities for education and play. Here’s how that helps.

Help them reclaim their childhood

A lot of foster kids have traumatic experiences. Many of them have never felt or learned what it was like to be a child. That compromises their emotional intelligence and development. By allowing them to participate in educational play and activities, they can get a little of what they lost. To achieve that, bringing them to a museum that offers educational activities for kids in Phoenix can be a huge help to them.

Encourage their development

Make it possible for foster kids to learn through educational attractions and activities in the museum. That’s going to encourage their development and growth. It can also do a lot to teach them how to act like kids. Play can improve their skills and boost their confidence. That can contribute to a better sense of self-worth. By learning new skills, you can help build their self-esteem.

Teach them how to play

Play is more than having fun. Play often sets the foundation for most of the child’s behavior and attitude when s/he grows up. Through fun learning activities, foster kids can improve the way they connect and communicate with others. That’s one skill that’s going to help them well into their adult years.

Solve problems

Give foster kids the freedom to tackle and solve problems. Museum attractions designed for this can give the child that feeling of accomplishment, for having succeeded at something. That’s another helpful item on the list that you can try out if you want to boost the confidence and self-esteem of foster kids.

Satisfy their curiosity

It’s natural for kids to be curious. Foster kids who are curious and inquisitive will have a fun and educational time learning a new activity or skill. Let them roam around to see and try out everything. By encouraging their explorations and satisfying their curiosity, you are also educating them about the importance of trying out new things. That’s a lesson that’s going to serve them well into the future.

For a complete list of educational activities for kids in Phoenix, visit The Children’s Museum of Phoenix.