School-going kids as young as six years now use tablets, laptops, and other intelligent technologies for learning during school. This recent feature of America’s K-12 system is due to the increasing role of technology in everyday life. However, questions arise regarding the use of AI-based education programs at the elementary school level. Many concur that technology falls short in teaching school-going kids vital lessons, including:

  • Essential social skills
  • Humanity’s adverse impact on the environment
  • The ideal place for science and art in society and other critical lessons

Fortunately, museums have become avenues where children can learn critical lessons through fun activities and play. In fact, of the $2 billion allotted to museums, the typical museum spends up to three-quarters of its allocation on activity-based programs targeting K-12 students. Consequently, some of the best things to do in Phoenix with kids is visiting a museum. You can also help your child attempt DIY projects for kids and go through learning boxes that are currently being offered to museum members.

Fun-Based Learning Programs at Museums

Several U.S. states have invested in what can be termed as kids’ museums, where young children can go, have fun and still learn. A good example of a museum for children is the Kids Science museum in Phoenix.

This children’s museum gives an excellent insight into the innovative array of educational activity-based initiatives implemented by many self-titled “children museums.” It is no wonder that many American families visiting Arizona view the museum as one of the things to do in Phoenix with kids.

The fun-oriented learning programs in a typical kid’s museum typically focus on helping school children learn in several key areas, including:

1. Creativity and Imagination

Activities in this category aim to develop the fertile imagination and creativity in kids under the age of twelve. An example of such a fun-packed activity at the Phoenix children’s museum includes a guided tour of a hall depicting various mythical and magical creatures. This guided tour is one of the best things to do in Phoenix with kids for a parent with school-going children.

2. Science and Art

This category encompasses fun activities to help kids learn about the impact that the sciences and arts have had on humanity’s civilization. A suitable activity at a kids’ science museum is kids participating in making scale models of famous scientific inventions or collages of famous art pieces.

3. The Environment

Fun-oriented activities in this category strive to help kids understand the adverse impact human beings have on the environment. These also aim to show kids how they can reverse damaging effects such as deforestation and global warming. An ideal fun activity is kids transplanting tree seedlings within the museums’ grounds.

4. Critical Thinking Skills

This category encompasses activity-based initiatives meant to aid the development of advanced decision-making skills in school-going children. An excellent example of such an activity is having kids solve a riddle by searching for clues hidden in a maze on the museum’s ground.

Reasons to Visit the Children Museum Phoenix, Az

Visiting this museum is one of the best things to do in Phoenix with kids because of two active fun-based learning programs offered at the kids’ museum. They are:

a. Think Player Creator Box Program

This home-based fun-learning helps children learn Science, Literacy, Math, Art, and Movement. The program revolves around a box-set with assorted learning materials. The box-set is complemented by virtual access to instructional videos on using the various items for fun-learning projects.

b. Adventure Play program

This program has kids engaging in fun-learning activities at an outdoor exhibition space on the museum grounds. Kids learn motor skills through exploration, practical use of recycled materials, creativity through play-acting, and more.

Visiting a museum can be a fun way for your child to learn. However, even if you cannot visit the museum, your child can still learn from them by taking part in DIY projects designed by the museum educators. They also have an array of learning boxes that can help your child more about history and other vital lessons.