Searching for kids’ activities in Phoenix? Look no further. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix offers plenty of fun activities that will both stimulate your children’s brains and show them a good time!

Paint like Picasso

Your kids may not know who Picasso is yet. But you can bring them over to a creative workshop at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. They can learn the basics of choosing colors, how to cut with scissors properly so they can develop their muscles, and even find ways to express themselves. Self-expression matters. Kids who learn early on how to express themselves through art can process their emotions better, allowing them to grow up with better emotional health and intelligence. That’s definitely something you’d want your kids to develop as well.

Build Blocks

You can also check out colorful blocks. Playing with these toys can help your children develop better abstract thinking and train them to be better at manipulating space. With blocks in a dizzying array of colors, shapes, sizes and more, you and your kids are sure to have a blast jumping from one creation to another, whether it’s a house, ice cream truck, castle or more!

Regular Role Play

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix loves to stimulate imagination. Why? Because it improves children’s cognitive and social skills. Our museum offers plenty of chances for your children to role play, no matter what age they are. Whether they’re slaying dragons or pretending to help someone check out groceries, role playing games and activities get your children to put themselves in someone else’ shoes and see beyond what’s actually there!

Ready to plan your trip to the museum? Visit the Children’s Museum of Phoenix and enjoy a range of kids’ activities in Phoenix. Your kids can have fun and learn at the same time!