Pediatricians and child development specialists agree – one of the best ways to keep children engaged in their family and community is to keep them active. Physical activity that encourages learning through play and discovery is the best way to engage a child’s body and mind. Finding programs and community engagement opportunities for children can be difficult, though. Here are four outdoor, active play opportunities to look for in your community this year:

Local and State Parks

Many parents and caregivers overlook the great potential of local and state parks for both education and physical fun. Many parks offer historical information and museums or displays, as well as everything from hiking trails to aquatic sports and more. Whatever your kids are interested in, there is likely a state park where they can enjoy it – all while learning something along the way.

Outdoor Sports

Physical activity is great for children’s bodies, but nothing nourishes the spirit like the teamwork and engagement of group athletics. Whatever sport your child may participate in, they all teach similar lessons of teamwork, sacrifice, endurance, and hard work – as well as perseverance, acceptance of defeat, and positive attitude. Those are lessons that today’s youth can’t afford to miss. Talk to your child’s school, church, or any other community organization about opportunities for your children to play organized sports – and be sure to support them from the stands!


Nothing builds teamwork and togetherness like roughing it in the great outdoors. When you want your children to have exposure to both the practical and the fantastical side of life, camping delivers the best of both worlds.

Children’s Museums

Did you know that many of today’s most popular children’s museums offer indoor and outdoor activities for kids? With increasingly-interactive exhibits, before- and after-school programs, and day camps available during extended school breaks, many community museums and educational centers have gone from indoor-only learning to indoor and outdoor fun!

One of the best children’s museums with learning activities for kids in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area is the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. This facility offers a myriad of learning opportunities for every visitor, as well as indoor and outdoor engagement, programs, and camps for kids of all ages. No matter what your young ones are into, your local museum has it to offer. Contact the museum today for more information!