If you have kids, you want to get them involved with activities that don’t involve television or games on the computer or laptop.  It can be hard to organize activities that everyone in the family will enjoy, buy hopefully our tips will make planning learning activities for kids in Phoenix easier.


Puzzles are a great activities to do together as a family, especially big puzzles. Larger puzzles, specifically the ones with hundreds of pieces, can entertain children for hours. They encourage critical thinking skills and teamwork, and there are many different options for children of any age. And finally, there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of finishing a difficult puzzle with a group.


Parents can never go wrong with arts and crafts activities with the family. They require group effort, collaboration, and have a tangible result the kids can show off afterwards. We recommend keeping the immediate area clean with newspapers to ensure a mess-free time, and paralleling crafts with holidays of the month.


Family movie nights can vary from chill, laid-back activities to enchanting living room forts. With blankets, pillows, and plenty of snacks, you can create a theatrical experience for your family right in the comfort of your home.

Museum Visits

Museums are great places to take kids for quality family time. Kids of all ages can look at fun exhibits, learn cool facts, and even play games. Museums also have special events that kids can participate in, such as customer competitions around Halloween and Easter egg hunts, creating memories for ages.

Get your family together and visit the Children’s Museum of Phoenix for kids activities in Phoenix, Arizona.