When someone asks you to go to the museum with them, what’s the first thing that pops in your head? Dinosaur bones? Relics from hundreds of years ago? Indeed, a conventional museum is not the most exciting place to be—but a children’s museum is different.

A children’s museum is designed specifically for enlightening and educating the curious minds of young children in a fun and engaging way. The kids’ activities in such museums aim to spark the children’s imagination and introduce them to unknown worlds while providing them with valuable learning experiences.

Here are some more reasons why you should visit a children’s museum with your kid.

It encourages Children to Learn and Explore While Having Fun

The interactive, hands-on exhibits in a children’s museum help engage the muscles, minds, and imagination of young children, as well as grown-ups. This type of museum puts emphasis on learning through play while focusing on early childhood education to help get them ready for school.

It boosts Language Development

It’s no surprise that many of the activities at a children’s museum can also help boost language development. Such activities may include immersing your baby to the wonderful world of music, where they get to explore rhythm, beat, rhyme, and so much more. Storytelling activities are also another fun way to promote language development.

It Helps Awaken the Curious Minds of Young Children

The attractions in many museums help awaken curiosity in children’s minds, leading to them asking questions. Some questions are easy enough for an immediate answer, while others require more thought and consideration. Some questions asked by children may not have any answers at all. But no matter what questions they ask, their curiosity shouldn’t be discouraged. Instead, children should be encouraged to find the confidence to find the answers themselves.

Museums Inspire and Sparks Creativity

Museums can leave its visitors—young or old—in awe of its grandeur, as well as the rich amount of information it holds. Many of the activities in these museums help inspire and spark the imagination of young children. For example, storytelling activities where your toddler gets to be in the story is a great way to get their imaginations going. This teaches toddlers about the basics of dramatic structure and performance through imaginative play.

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is one of the top three children’s museums in the nation. But, make no mistake, it is not like any other typical museum in Scottsdale, as you can touch everything there. It offers many wondrous learning activities for kids that will inspire the imagination and creativity of any child.