6 Reasons to Bring Your Kids to the Museum

Kids can learn faster when you do it with play. That’s one of the many reasons why you’ll want to make it a habit to bring your children to the museum. Here are reasons to bring your kids over for a visit to the Museum. Encourages Participation A museum that offers preschoolers activities in Phoenix[…] Read More

Creative Ways to Teach Kids About Finance

Teaching your kids about money early on probably doesn’t seem all that important right now. But providing your child with a solid foundation on the principles and importance of saving money will help them in the future. Avoid boring talks about how money matters. There are plenty of ways to make that more fun. Here[…] Read More

Find Out How a Kid’s Activity Table Can Help Your Child Interact

Kids Activities Phoenix

Exploration teaches kids about the outside world. They learn how things work, which is important to their physical, emotional, and social development. From trying out textures to learning how to measure things, activities like these encourage your child’s growth and developments. That’s where activity tables come in. Cognitive The human brain develops before we are[…] Read More

Fight Off School Break Brain Drain

Learning Activities For Kids In Scottsdale

School is hard work, and once vacation sets in, carefully honed study habits often go right out the window. The transition back to school from vacation, whether it is winter break, spring break, or summer vacation can be a rough one as kids try to pick up where they left off. They may seem to[…] Read More

Kids’ Activities Your Children Will Enjoy

Searching for kids’ activities in Phoenix? Look no further. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix offers plenty of fun activities that will both stimulate your children’s brains and show them a good time! Paint like Picasso Your kids may not know who Picasso is yet. But you can bring them over to a creative workshop at[…] Read More

Outdoor Team Building Activities for Kids – 4 Ideas to Keep Children Engaged

Pediatricians and child development specialists agree – one of the best ways to keep children engaged in their family and community is to keep them active. Physical activity that encourages learning through play and discovery is the best way to engage a child’s body and mind. Finding programs and community engagement opportunities for children can[…] Read More

Keeping Elementary and Preschool Kids Active

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In generations past, children were very active. Often employed in the home or fields of the family property, they were industrious by necessity. Children played outside and did physical chores to help their parents because the modern conveniences of today did not exist. They walked to and from school, had longer recess periods, and often[…] Read More